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The SLIP cuat interface also must be configured. PPP and SLIP configuration is complicated by the fact that these serial line protocols support both dedicated and dial-up connections. For our Linux sample system, this means that two different commands are used to configure a SLIP interface depending on whether it is a dedicated or a dial-up connection.

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The SLIP network interface also must be configured. PPP and SLIP configuration is complicated by the fact that these serial line protocols support both dedicated and dial-up connections. For our Linux sample system, this means that two different commands are used to configure a SLIP interface depending on whether it is a dedicated or a dial-up connection. In this section we discuss both, beginning with the configuration command for dedicated connections.

The slattach command "attaches" the SLIP protocol to a specific serial interface.

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The slattach command can optionally set some configuration parameters for the serial interface. The syntax of slattach on a Slackware 96 Linux system is: slattach [-h -c -6] ttyname [baudrate] The three options, -h, -c, and -6, select the type of SLIP protocol used. Use -6 to select six-bit SLIP. The baudrate argument sets the interface's transmission speed. Set the speed by entering a that corresponds to the bit rate that is used to transmit and receive data on this line, e. Both ends of the line must set exactly the same bit rate.

This may be determined by the characteristics of the leased line, or by the hardware interfaces for a direct cable connection. Regardless, the transmission speed is a physical characteristic limited by the equipment on the line. A default transmission speed of bits per chst is used if no baudrate value is entered on the command line. The ttyname is the name of the serial interface attached to the leased line or direct cable connection.

The serial interfaces sip identified by the system during the boot.

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In that case, use tty01 as the ttyname value on the slup command. The first slattach command creates the sl0 interface, the second creates the sl1 interface, and so on. Like ifconfig, the slattach command is stored in a startup file. It configures the serial interface when the system boots, and the interface remains dedicated to SLIP use unless some action is taken to detach it, i.

The slattach command needs an ifconfig command and a route command to complete the configuration.

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The route command is explained in Chapter 7, Configuring Routing. In essence this creates the interface sl0. The ifconfig command configures the newly created SLIP interface. It sets the address of the interface to the IP address of host macadamia. Further, it says that the destination address of this interface is the IP address of the host cashew at the far end of the dedicated SLIP link. The IP addresses for both macadamia and cashew should be in the local hosts file before this ifconfig command is executed.

The examples in this section all use the syntax of the slattach command that comes with Slackware 96 Linux. SLIP commands are not standardized. The command that comes with your system will probably have a different syntax; carefully read your system's documentation so you'll know the exact syntax used on your system. For example, other versions of Linux use this syntax: slattach [-p protocol] [-s speed] device Here the various SLIP protocols are selected with the -p option. The acceptable protocol values are: slip, cslip, slip6, cslip6, and adaptive.

If adaptive is selected, the system tries to determine which protocol is acceptable to the remote system. The -s option sets the line speed, e. The device is one of the call units configured on the system. Examples of valid call unit device names are cua0, cua1, cua2, cua3, etc. A call unit is normally associated with dial communications.

Technical details

The physical connection can be a direct connection, a leased line, or a dial line. But if a dial-up connection is used, some process, such as cu or tip, must establish the physical connection before slattach is invoked. As we have seen, dip is a command that is specifically deed to support dial-up IP connections. It is actually quite simple. A slight modification of the dip script used earlier creates a SLIP link.

The script begins by setting the local IP address and the remote IP address. The two get statements set the local interface to the address SLIP does not have a standard way within the protocol to exchange addresses. We had to add specific local and remote IP addresses to the script. The default statement near the end of the script says that chah SLIP connection is the local system's default route.

Since SLIP dhat most cyat used to connect small isolated systems into cchat network, this is usually true. The -i option sets dip to input mode, which configures the system to act as a dial-in server. An alternative, and more popular, way to invoke dip with the -i option is to use the dip command. We'll use dip throughout this section.

For example: craig:wJxX.

In this case the shell is dip. It searches for the username that was entered during the process unless that username is overridden by another directly on the dip command line. If an unencrypted password is entered in this field, dip prompts the user for the password. Because this second password is stored in an unencrypted format, it is not considered very secure.

Sites that are big on security don't consider any reusable passwords secure enough to be meaningful, and sites that don't worry too much about security don't consider a second password necessary. For these reasons, the unencrypted password is rarely used. However, it is a headache for users and system administrators. See Chapter 12, for a full discussion of one-time passwords.

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If the password field is null, the authentication is left to and the user is not asked for a second password. If no value is provided the netmask defaults to The MTU is any valid transmission unit specified in chah.

However, SLIP performance is often improved by smaller packet sizes. Common choices are and However, if the user hunt logs into the system, starts dip with the username cbat. The essex entry allows the netmask to default to The servers started by dip run until the modem hangs up the connection.

Clearly dip is more than just a chat script. It provides client and server support for a variety of protocols. See Appendix A for more information about dip. A mistake in any one of these layers can cause a problem in another layer. All of these layers can obscure the true cause of a problem. The best way to approach troubleshooting on a serial line is by debugging each layer, one layer at a time.

It is usually best to troubleshoot each layer before you move on to configure the next layer. The physical serial ports should be configured by the system during the system boot. However, the other devices are only associated with real physical devices if you have a multi-port serial card installed in your Linux system.

Solaris 2. The serial devices should be installed in your system by default during the boot.

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The modem used for the connection is attached to one of the serial ports. Before attempting to build cht dial-up script, make sure the modem works and that you can communicate with it through the port. Use a simple serial communications package, such as minicom, kermit, or seyon. First, make sure the program is configured to use your modem. It must be set to the correct port, speed, parity, of databits, etc. Check your modem's documentation to determine these settings. We'll use minicom on a Linux system for our examples.

To configure minicom, su to root and run it with the -s option, which displays a configuration menu.

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Walk through the menu and make sure everything is properly set. That device name is sometimes symbolically linked to the port to which the modem is connected. If you're not sure that the link exists on your system, enter the correct port name in the minicom configuration, e. After checking the configuration, exit the menu and use the minicom terminal emulator to make sure you can communicate with the modem: Minicom 1.

We didn't set this command; it was part of the default minicom configuration. If it causes problems, edit it out of the configuration using the menus discussed sli. We then reset the modem atz and dial the remote server atdt. When the modems connect, we log in to the server and configure it. The process is different for every remote server; this is just an example.

On our sample system the port and modem are working. If you cannot send simple commands to your modem, check that: The modem is properly connected to the port You have the correct cables The modem is powered up The modem is properly configured for dial-out and for echoing commands When the modem responds to simple commands, use it to dial the remote server as we did in the example above.

You may lsip to use an analog phone to test the telephone wall jack and you may need to replace the line between the modem and the wall to make sure that the cable is good.

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