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Women attend markets and are employed in trade, while men stay at home and do the weaving! Men in Egypt carry lo on their head, women on their shoulder. Women pass water standing up, men sitting down.

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Herodotus and Diodorus refer explicitly to a hereditary calling in ancient Egypt. This pooking not a system of rigid inheritance but an endeavor to pass on a father's function to his children. A son was commonly referred to as "the staff of his father's old age," deated to assist the elder in the performance of his duties and finally to succeed him.

The need for support in old age and to ensure inheritance made adoption quite common for childless couples; one New Kingdom freind relates, "As for him who has no children, he adopts an orphan instead [to] bring him up. Purchased in Cairo, Mythically, kingship was passed from Osiris the deceased king to the "Living Horus" his successor ; in actuality, the eldest son of the king normally inherited the office from his father.

Ramesses wears his hair in a side ponytail, a style isngle of a youth or of a special type of priest, and he carries a slender fan that was a of rank. This relief was probably commissioned by lookinh two priests shown at the right to commemorate their function in the religious cult of the royal family.

Ancient egyptian society and family life

Showing oneself in the presence of the king was a great honor. Reign friedn Philip Arrhidaeus, ca. Purchased in Egypt, This statue base, which once supported a magical healing statue, was dedicated by a man named Djedhor.

He was Chief Guardian of the Sacred Falcon who, according to the hieroglyphic texts on this block, cared for flocks of sacred birds. On one side of the base he appears with his daughters, on the other with his sons, an indication that he revered his daughters as much as his sons which in turn reflects the high status of women in ancient Egypt. Although peasant children probably never entered any formal schooling, male children of scribes and the higher classes entered school at an early age.

Young girls were not formally schooled, rad because some women knew how to read and write they must have had access to a learned family member or a private tutor. Though we have no information about the location or organization of schools prior to the Middle Kingdom, we can tell that after that time they were attached to some administrative offices, temples specifically the Ramesseum and the Temple of Mutand the palace.

In addition to "public" schooling, groups of nobles also hired private tutors to teach their children. Because education had not yet established itself as a separate discipline, teachers were drawn from the ranks of experienced or pedagogically gifted scribes friehd, as part of their duties and to ensure the supply of future scribes, taught either in the classroom or took apprentices in their offices.

Education consisted mainly of endless rote copying and recitation of texts, in order to perfect spelling and doe. Gesso-covered boards with students' imperfect copies and their master's corrections frienc to this type of training. Mathematics was also an important part of the young male's training. In addition, schooling included the memorization of proverbs and myths, rext which pupils were educated in social propriety and religious doctrine.

Not surprisingly, many of these texts stress how noble and advantageous the profession of scribe was: "Be a scribe for he is in control of everything; he who works in writing is not taxed, nor does he have to pay any dues. The high priest Bekenkhonsu singel that he started school at five and attended four years followed by fe years' apprenticeship in the stables of King Seti I. Frirnd about twenty he was appointed to a low level of the priesthood wab.

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In another documented case, one scribe in training was thirty years of age, but this must have been an unusual case. Ancient Egyptians were extremely interested in fashion and its changes. This seems evident from trends seen in tomb scenes where the costumes and styles of txt upper classes were soon copied by the lower classes. The most common fabric for clothing both women's and men's was linen.

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Because linen is very hard to dye, most clothes were off-white, so color was added with heavy beaded collars and other jewelry. The standard apparel of women from the Old Kingdom into the New Kingdom was the sheath dress, which could be worn strapless or with two broad shoulder straps. Most examples of these dresses reach the ankles.

Most sources depict women wearing impossibly tight and impractical dresses, suggesting that the representations are idealized to emphasize the sensuality of the female body. Brewer and E. Teeter Consider the changing styles of dress for women and men. The most ancient garment worn by men was a kilt that was made of a rectangular piece of linen cloth wrapped rather loosely around the hips, leaving the knees uncovered. As a rule, it was wrapped around the body from right to left so that the edge of the skirt would be in the front.

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The upper edge was tucked behind the tie, or girdle, that held the kilt together. This garment was the standard male attire for all classes from peasants to royalty, though the quality of the linen and the exact style varied according to one's purchasing power. Some of the fancier, more expensive kilts had bias-cut sibgle, pleated decorative panels, or fringed edges, and were made of finer, softer linen. By late Dynasty 4 and early Dynasty 5, it became fashionable to wear the kilt longer and wider or to wear it with an inverted box pleat that appeared as an erect triangular front piece.

Though styles changed over time, the simple kilt remained the standard garb for scribes, servants, and peasants. Ptolemaic-Roman, 2nd century B. Fayum, Grave H Gift of the Egypt Exploration Fund, In the winter, the middle and upper classes wore a heavy cloak extending from neck to ankle, which could be wrapped around and folded or clasped in front. Depictions of such cloaks extend from Archaic to Ptolemaic times.

Although sandals of rush and reeds are known, regardless of the occasion or social class, Egyptians apparently often went barefoot. During the New Kingdom, when Egypt extended its political influence east into Asia, Egyptian fashion changed radically. With the influx of trade and ideas from the east, fashions became more varied, changed more quickly, and often took on an eastern flavor. Men and women of the upper classes, for example, wore layers of fine, nearly transparent kilts and long- or short sleeved shirts that tied at the neck, or draped themselves in billowing robes of fine linen that extended from neck to ankle and were drawn in at the waist by a sash.

The better examples of these garments were heavily pleated, and some foee ornamented with colored ball fringe. Oriental Institute Review the styles and fashions of the ancient Egyptians. For most of the Fgiend Period, women wore their hair or wigs long and straight; after Dynasty 18 hairstyles became more elaborate.

During all periods men wore their hair short, but they also wore wigs, the style x the occasion. These wigs were made of human hair or plant fiber. Both genders wore copious amounts of perfumes and cosmetics made of ground minerals and earth pigments. Fashion statements were made with accessories such as jewelry and ribbons. Men also carried staffs that marked status and social class. Men engaged in physical sports, such as hunting, fishing, archery, wrestling, boxing, and stick fencing.

Long-distance races were organized to demonstrate physical prowess, and both men and women enjoyed swimming. Board games were popular, and games boards were constructed of a singl materials: wood, stone, clay, or simple drawings scratched on the ground.

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Moves on board games were determined by throw sticks, astragali animal anklebonesor after the fke New Kingdom, cubic dice that were usually marked in the same pattern used today. One of the most common games was senet, which was played on a board of thirty squares divided into three rows of ten squares. Like so many other aspects of Egyptian culture, senet had a religious ificance, and the fke was likened to passing through the underworld. Old Kingdom, Dynastiesca.

A game board in the form of a coiled snake was among the earliest Egyptian games. Using a set of lion-shaped and round markers, play started at the snake's tail, which was in the form of a bird's head. The two or four sinvle raced each other to the goal located in the snake's head.

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Mehen was the name of the serpent deity whose coils protected the sun god. New Kingdom, Dynastiesca. The game of 20 squares was played by two opponents, each of whom had 5 playing pieces. Play began with the pieces placed on the undecorated areas on each side of the singl. The players moved down the side squares and up the middle of the board. Plays were determined with throw sticks, dice, or knucklebones.

Religious texts indicate that playing the game was likened to passing through the underworld in the quest for eternal rebirth. The "twenty square game," which originated in Sumer and was known through the entire ancient Near East and Cyprus, was played on a rectangular board divided into three rows of four, twelve, and four squares, respectively.

Both senet and twenty squares were played by two opponents. Another ancient game was mehen, played by several players on a round board that lloking like a coiled snake. The playing pieces, tiny lions and small balls, were moved from the tail of the snake to the goal on its head.

Although this game was played in Egypt only during the Old Kingdom, it continued to be played in Cyprus for another 1, years. New Kingdom and later, ca. Purchased, Tomb paintings indicate that banquets were a popular form of relaxation, at least for texf upper class. At such events food, alcoholic beverages, music, and dancing were common forms of entertainment. The organization of the tomb scenes may be misleading, it seems that proprieties of the times kept male and female guests seated in separate areas although men and women performed together.

The foundation of all daily or banquet meals, regardless of social class, was the same: bread, beer, and vegetables. The latter included leeks, onions, garlic, a of pulses beans, peas, lentils, etc. Wealthier Egyptians had more opportunities to enjoy red meat, fowl, honey-sweetened cakes and other delicacies. Lower-class Egyptians relied on fish and fowl for most of their meat proteins. The ready availability of wild fish and fowl made them inexpensive, while beef and, to a varying extent, other red meats were expensive and considered by many to be a luxury.

The national drink in ancient Egypt was beer, and all ancient Egyptians--rich and poor, male and female--drank great quantities of it. Wages were paid in grain, which was used to make two staples of the Egyptian diet: bread and beer.

Beer was made from barley dough, so bread making and beer making are often shown together. Barley dough destined for beer making was partially baked and then crumbled into a large vat, where it was mixed with water and sometimes sweetened with date juice. Lookinb mixture was left to ferment, which it did quickly; the liquid was then strained into a pot that was sealed with a clay stopper.

Ancient Egyptian beer had to be drunk soon after it was made because it went flat very quickly.

Egyptians made a variety fried beers of different strengths. Strength was calculated according to how dwd standard measures of the liquid was made from one hekat 4. Oriental Institute, University of Chicago Nykauinpu figures: woman grinding grain left and winnower right. In addition to beer, wine was also widely drunk. Jar labels with notations that the wine was from the "Vineyard of King Djet" indicate that wine production was well established as early as Dynasty 1.

By Dynasty 5 and 6, grapevines and wine production were common motifs in decorated tombs, and records imply that some vineyards produced considerable amounts of wine. One vineyard, for example, is said to have delivered 1, jars of good wine and fifty jars of medium-quality wine in one year. texy

Wines in ancient Egypt, like wines today, were recognized by their vintage, often identified by the name of the village, town, district, or general geographic region where it was produced. At least fourteen different wine-producing areas existed in the Delta alone; although the extent texr these regions cannot be defined, their general location can be identified--Upper Egyptian vintages were not as numerous fle those of the Delta, but were said to be of excellent quality e.

Wines were also known to have been produced in the oases. Wine jar labels normally specified the quality of wine, such as "good wine," "sweet wine," "very very good wine," or the variety, such as pomegranate wine. It is difficult to speculate about the taste of Egyptian wine compared to modern standards. Nevertheless, because of the climate, low acid sweet grapes probably predominated, which would have resulted in a sweet rather than dry wine. Alcohol content would have varied considerably from area to area and from vintage to vintage, but generally Egyptian wine would have had a lower alcohol content than modern table wines.

Douglas J. Brewer and Emily Teeter A woman who over-indulged Lookong It has been suggested that the effects of drinking wine were sometimes enhanced by additives. For example, tomb paintings often depict wine jars wrapped or draped in lotus flowers, suggesting that the Egyptians may have been aware of the narcotic qualities of blue lotus petals when mixed with wine. There is much evidence for the excess consumption of both beer and wine, and King Menkaure Dynasty 4 and King Amasis Dynasty 26 figure in tales about drunkenness.

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