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Particularly in romantic relationships, the topic tends to feel awkward, uncomfortable, and sometimes even unnecessary. But the reality is you'll want to figure out a few ways to broach the subject, especially if your goal is to create a stronger connection.

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It'll also be a great time to talk about consent. Even if you've been together forever, "you'll need to keep the conversation going," O'Reilly says, "as needs, interests, and boundaries vary from day to day. Pick A Good Time To Talk Of course, you can always tios a deep breath and say, in a straightforward way, that you have a few things on your mind that you'd like to share.

Grant, PsyDa d clinical therapist, tells Bustle. Afterward, gather your thoughts so you can go into the conversation with a few specific questions, concerns, etc. You might even want to schedule a time to talk, Grant says, so that it feels less sudden. You won't, for instance, want to bring up the topic when you're cranky, or tired, or late for work.

Instead, choose a time when you can both settle into the couch, ses comfy, and chat.

Instead, admit that talking about sex has felt a bit off-limits or taboo. Chances are they've felt the same way, Grant says, and will appreciate the fact you're creating a safe space to be vulnerable.

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Be Enthusiastic About What You Like The tipz time something sexy happens, and you're all about it, make sure to let your partner know. As Grant says, sharing what you like will encourage more of the same.

But there will likely be moments throughout the day, like when you kiss in the morning, or when they hug you from behind as you make coffee, that can serve as a stepping stone, too. Use these moments to say, "You know what?

Phone sex got you tongue-tied? 27 tips to help loosen your lips

I think it's so hot when you do that. Asking each other fun, quirky, or interesting questions.

Justin Lehmillera social psychologist and research fellow at The Kinsey Institute, tells Bustle this will not only help you into the topic, but it will help normalize conversations about sex, and make it easier to talk about bigger wants, turn-ons, or problems areas in the bedroom. And when did you finally learn the truth? From there, once you do start talking about things like fantasies, be sure you validate each other.

How to give and have great phone sex: tips and examples

Keep It Lighthearted You won't want to cat this conversation with the dreaded "we need to talk," Jaime Bronstein, LCSWa psychotherapist and d clinical social worker, tells Bustle. Because that will only make your partner's blood run cold, and put them on edge. Instead, "have fun with the conversation," she says.

Keeping it tups will combat awkwardness, Bronstein says, while also contributing to a peaceful conversation, and tis open-mindedness. However, you need to take this step with caution especially if you are chatting with a new person because you do not know how they feel about dirty talks. Ask for their opinion about the subject and let them know why you think it is excellent, incorporating the idea in your conversations. After hitting the nail on the head, you do not need to go from real quick.

Take it slow and be gentle. You can start by soft or straightforward dirty talking, and before you know it, you will be an expert in dirty talking without coming out as corky, lame, or disrespectful. Dirty Talk Guidelines You might be wondering how to sxe or where to begin when it comes to talking dirty.

There is no formula to dirty talking. By vulgar, I do not mean that you should start listening to R-rated music or podcasts to know how it works.

How to have phone sex: 27 tips for getting naughty over the phone

I mean that you should not filter your words. Be as filthy as you can when describing normal life scenarios like having sex.

Talk about Your Sexual Fantasies Talking about your sexual fantasies is a great way to initiate dirty talks. Tell the person at the other end of the line about the things you like to tipss during sex.

How to have phone sex: 27 things to say and do to heat things up

Talk about things like how you like being dominated or how you like dominating. Doing this commands attention from the person you are talking to because they are eager to find out about the techniques you will use to please them or what you expect them to do to please you sexually. You will have them thinking of how they will respond or what they would do to you in return. While at it, exercise turn-taking so that your conversation can keep going.

Keep the fire burning by being open to different suggestions or opinions. When talking about your sexual fantasies, encourage the person you are talking to by telling them what you like about the things they are talking about. Always be Descriptive They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, which is true. A person can write several s describing what they think is going on or what was going on when a photo was taken or the message an artist wanted to bring out when painting.

Your words can also paint a certain picture or image when you are narrating something to someone. Be imaginative and as descriptive as you can.

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When describing a scenario that you are looking forward to, do not be afraid to get into the fine details of your fantasy. Ssex then start kissing me from my neck downwards to my boobs. They do not beat around the bush, and they talk about the things the lady likes when her man does them.

When a lady talks to you like this, you cannot help but think of the things she is talking about. At such a point, you may start hearing a person moan or breathe deeply, and you will be aroused. Sec may talk as dirty as you like until you are super horny before mutual masturbation, which will sx the same tipx as sex. Be Yourself For successful phone sex, the rule of the thumb is that you should always be yourself. Pretending to be someone else will never work because you sound unoriginal.

In as much as you might successfully fake being a different person, you will not always be successful in being fake. What will happen if you chat with a random chat line user and they say that they would like to hook up with you only for them to find out that your personality was fake?

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Always be you, do you? Most people fear that obscene language may turn others sdx in the middle of phone sex. Obscene language plays a ificant role when it comes to phone sex.

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