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Identity in Reality and Cyberspace According to Websters College Dictionary, identity is defined as, "the state or fact of remaining the same one, as under varying aspects or conditions. Such claims about the Internet is that you can act or express your personal opinions as another, without anybody knowing your true identity. I feel that being another identity can be very controversial and constructive at the same time.

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Identity in Reality and Cyberspace According to Websters College Dictionary, identity is defined as, "the state or fact of remaining the same one, as under varying aspects or conditions. Such claims about the Internet is that you can act or express your personal opinions as another, without anybody knowing your true identity.

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I feel that being another identity can be very controversial and constructive at the same time. These types of aspects of changing yourself can be seen in online environments which can be over-abused piberty perceived as a way to express yourself and ideas. People have many different experiences using the Internet. An example of an online experience is an article written by Jesse Kornbluth. He is a male heterosexual who uses another identity when he communicates in cyberspace.

Parenting children through puberty

His other persona is a virtual woman. When he first ed on to AOLhe did not plan on changing his identity. He was just uninterested with the chat, lobby, and public rooms that were available. Kornbluth searched in member rooms that sounded more exciting, such as, "Le Chateau Dungeon" and "M 4 M", and soon realized that they were male-oriented rooms filled with homosexuals. He did not have pubedty problem with homosexuals and he very much respected them, puberyt because of this incident, he decided to change his identity to a woman named "MsTerious.

Kornbluth's main purpose of changing his identity was just to have fun and see how it was from another perspective. Another claim made about the nature of identity in cyberspace is the chance to act in a way in which you would not in reality. She noticed that in the chat rooms, people were conversing, but were also debating, insulting, and arguing with each other.

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Her article was based on an online character named "Demonboy," who was male and at the age of puberty. This young boy only wanted one thing, and that was cybersex. Unfortunately, Ehrenreich was chosen as his next pubrety. Demonboy invited her to him into a "private room. What she soon realized though was that he was looking for sex, after telling her, "I'm taking off my pants and running my tongue inside your thighs" Ehrenreich Ehrenreich clicked out of the room quickly because she did not know what to do at the time.

She wrote rkoms article to show that she has no objection to sex on the net because it is the only ultimate safe sex to have, especially for a boy of years-old. Both Kornbluth and Ehrenreich roms that the Internet promised more than what they experienced. Both explored the chat area and they received different responses that were positive and negative. Because of their initial reactions, this is what they based the Internet on.

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Kornbluth's primary motivations for his roomw gender experiment was to see how it was to be another persona, such as a female. He knew that nobody would figure it out, unless he told them. He did not degrade any females, nor males, yet he was very sincere about being another gender.

Ehrenreich believed that cyberspace was one that cchat not matter of anothers race, age, and gender, and what she discovered was true. She was unlucky though, and her first encounter in AOLs pubeerty rooms was with one who wanted sex. She shouldn't have been afraid considering that this boy was at the age of puberty and was only being a normal and average. Both writers also had different attitudes towards the behavior of the people they were interacting with.

Kornbluth encountered all types of people- heterosexuals and homosexuals, and men and women. Ehrenreich encountered the behavior of a young year-old boy, who only had sex on his mind. Both reacted differently to the situations that occurred. Kornbluth considered all the situations as fun and also, as a way to see it from another perspective. When he encountered homosexuals, he didn't degrade them, but decided to change his gender instead.

When he encountered women though, he was very friendly and chatted with them as if he was a woman himself. With Ehrenreich, she reacted astonishingly and did not know what to do, but flee from the incident when asked to undress. She seemed very embarrassed because she did not say or do anything to defend herself, but click off.

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We could tell from her reaction that she was very insulted and disgusted by Demonboy's alluring thoughts. Both of their conclusions were different. Kornbluth ended his on a happy note, where he just wanted to try something new and different without anyone knowing his true identity.

He meant no harm, meaning that he was not out there to hurt anybodys thoughts or feelings Kornbluth He benefited from this experience because he learned a lot from a womans point-of-view and also, gained self-confidence of being another gender. Ehrenreich felt that the promise of cyberspace failed and disappointed her because she thought that cyberspace would go beyond into a different form of reality, and what she experienced was a form of sex through the computer Kornbluth gave this a fair try, but Ehrenreich did not because she based all her opinions and judgments only on one negative occurrence.

The person I feel is more convincing is Jesse Kornbluth. He showed different aspects of both the male and female gender. He had a much more better experience online than Ehrenreich did because he made it fun in that sense. Ehrenreich seemed too serious and uptight. If I were her, I would probably give Demonboy what he wanted, but get pubwrty back on him. Also, I wouldn't even have thought of calling this situation sexual harassment because she said that it was her own fault for roomss an obviously femme handle, one that I see now must sound like some Stone Age strippers name" Pubertg I have had experiences with both Kornbluth's and Ehrenreich's situation.

At home, I have AOLand situations like theirs happen to me quite often. There have been times where I've changed my identity to a male. There have also been times where somebody has asked me to a private room with them. I do not take these occurrences personal, though. The reasons I change my identity online is only when I want to mislead others. I want to see if anybody would fall into my game, just like what Kornbluth did. Many may think this is wrong, but at the end, I would eventually tell the people my true identity.

I have also been asked to go into private rooms with males, as well.

At first, the chatter and I would carry conversations, but towards the middle of our conversation, they'd ask to have cybersex. I would just tell them that I had better things to do than waste my time on having sex through typing. I do not get insulted though when asked to have sex because if I really wanted to, all I had to do was agree and.

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Also, I wouldn't even consider the situation sexual harassment because I'd blame all the actions upon myself for having such an exotic screen name, just like in Ehrenreich's situation. We could all see that the Internet can be viewed in different ways. Some may see gooms as an evil thing, where many may see it as something enlightening. These assumptions are all based on how you experience with this form of new technology.

Parenting children through puberty

Pyberty Internet may be controversial, but it can be constructive, as well. The only way the Internet can be controversial is if you puberyy it that way, such as abusing it by wanting cybersex, just like what Demonboy had in mind. Yet, the Internet can be constructive in many ways if you benefit from it, such as learning to gain and express your ideas. I see the Internet as something to have fun and express my personal thoughts and opinions.

I know that others can enjoy it as well if pubetry would just give it a chance and make their first time online an interesting one, and not such a negative experience. Works Cited Ehrenreich, Barbara. Put Your Pants onDemonboy. Holeton, Richard.

San Francisco: McGraw Hill, Kornbluth, Jesse.

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