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Joseph Marie Chaumonot writes to the Father General May 24, a brief letter, sketching the state of the Huron mission. He then narrates the miraculous cure of two blind persons by one of the missionaries, and the details of several baptisms. The death of an Iroquois prisoner, by torture, is described; and allusion is made to the possibility that some of the missionaries may meet similar treatment from the Iroquois. Chaumonot sends greetings to many of his friends by name, and closes by asking for some masses and communions, of which the missionaries are often deprived. This is another letter by Chaumonot to Nappi, dated August 3 of the same year.

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Joseph Marie Chaumonot writes to the Father General May 24, a brief letter, sketching the state of the Huron mission. He then narrates the miraculous cure of two blind persons by one of the missionaries, and the details of several baptisms. The death of an Iroquois prisoner, by torture, is described; and allusion is made to the possibility that some of the missionaries may meet similar treatment from the Iroquois. Chaumonot sends greetings to many of his friends by name, and closes by asking for some masses and communions, of which the missionaries are often deprived.

This is another letter by Chaumonot to Nappi, dated August 3 of the same year. Here they are met with distrust and aversion, arising from the same calumnies that had so endangered them among the Hurons. Their books are considered as repositories of magic spells; duddling the missionaries are suspected of concocting these spells even when they kneel in prayer. They are repeatedly threatened with death; but God protects them from their enemies.

This mission cuddlig little effect, except that they succeed in baptizing many sick children, without the knowledge of their relatives; many of these are now in heaven.

The jesuit relations: volume 1

Chaumonot does not give the name of this tribe; but, from the Huron Relation of chap. The Relation of is a composite. InBarthelemy Vimont succeeded Le Jeune as superior of the order in New France, and his name appears on the title- of the annual volume. He seems, however, to have only edited the Relation, or, perhaps only gee the matter to Paris for publication by the provincial; for Part I.

In our present volume, we publish the first ten chapters of Part I. The writer warns the nuns who desire to come to Canada that the country is not ready for them, and that they must await its development. The great object of the missionaries now is, to cuuddling the savages sedentary; four families of them are at present living in the cabins curdling for them by the French. Le Jeune praises the virtue and piety of the colonists.

He relates that a plague of grasshoppers and other insects was immediately driven away by some prayers and processions. The people enjoy good health; the soil is prolific; peace and content prevail. Now that cuddlingg epidemic of smallpox described in the Relation of is over, the savages reassemble at St. Joseph Silleryand their effort to become sedentary. Those who are converted decide among themselves to drive away from this settlement all who kissign not believe as they do.

The Indians have now begun to cultivate the land. Father Vimont, the new superior, is residing at Sillery, in order to aid them; and the Taodussac colonists have also done much in this direction. Some Algonkins also are settling at Three Rivers.

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At both settlements, the converts desire to interest their tribesmen in their undertaking, and to gather them into the colonies, to be aided by the French, and to have but one God. Several instances are given of the faith, obedience, and virtue displayed by these neophytes. The chief difficulty anticipated by the Fathers is, in the enforcement of single marriage, to which the savages are unaccustomed. The converts show great zeal, —they refuse to eat on fast days, even when in great need; they thank God when successful in hunting; they are very contrite for their faults, and even for their evil dreams.

The children are ready to fight one another for their belief. Many widows and orphans, made such by the fatal epidemic of last year, have come hither, to seek aid from the French. The missionaries aid these, as far as their own poverty will allow, and, in the spring, set them to raising corn for their supplies. Le Jeune relates a terrible tragedy occurring among a household of savages who had been attacked by smallpox in the forests. He struck her with the contagion from which she was fleeing; and, before reaching the place where she wished to bring her son, she died like a beast.

Finally, her son was brought to the hospital, where he died in an intolerable stench, but with strong indications of salvation. This survey reveals a boundless field for missionary labor, and he asks the aid of Christians in France to help spread the Gospel therein. In this connection he states an interesting occurrence —the arrival on the St. We follow Carayon for the French text, and our English translations are therefrom.

Translated from the Italian original preserved at Rome. I arrived in the Huron country, in New France, on the 10th of September,after a very painful and dangerous voyage of three months, which was talkinv by a journey of another month upon rivers and lakes, and through forests. There are thirteen Fathers of us here, all French, with tzdoussac young men who are given to us for the care of temporal matters, and who with us take the place of lay brethren. Our manner of living will seem in Europe very strange and full of hardship, but we find it quite easy and agreeable.

We have neither salt, oil, fruits, bread, nor wine, except what we keep for the mass. Our entire nourishment consists of [] a sort of soup tadlussac of Indian corn, crushed between two stones, or pounded in a mortar, and seasoned with smoked fish, —this served in a large wooden dish.

List of murdoch mysteries characters -

Our bed is the ground, covered with a piece of bark, or, at the most, with a mat. The extent of our mission comprises this year thirty-two hamlets or villages, in which not a single [ 11] cabin remains where the Gospel has not been proclaimed. Many savages have received baptism; most of these, the Victims of an epidemic which has ravaged the whole country, are in heaven, we hope.

This malady has been the occasion for many calumnies and persecutions, excited against us under the pretext that we were the authors of the scourge. None of us, however, have perished in this tempest, although some have been beaten, and others have seen the hatchet raised over them, and very near to their he. We all have need of the help of your prayers, hence we commend ourselves humbly to your Holy Sacrifices. Translated from the Italian original Preserved at Rome.

From the country of the Hurons, May 26, I shall never be able sufficiently to thank the divine goodness for the favor that it has done me, by leading me through so many dangers into the most favorable place in the world for perfecting a religious. I am obliged to acquaint Your Reverence therewith, to the end that you may kindly consent to aid me in thanking the good God for it. Last year, I wrote that after three months of very difficult I arrived in New France, but that I still had to proceed three hundred leagues further into the wilderness.

Here follows the of this journey. On the eve of saint Lawrence, I embarked in a canoe of Huron savages thus this people is calledon the great river which bears the name of [] that glorious martyr; in some places it is ten, thirteen, twenty leagues wide, For a hundred leagues of its course its waters are salt, and the flow and ebb of tides is there perceptible: it is also subject, by reason of its width, to storms, like the Ocean.

Father Poncet embarked at the same time with me; but four days after the departure we were obliged [ 15] to separate, leaving our first canoe in order to get into two others, singly.

We were, however, to go in company, so that almost every evening we found ourselves together to sup and pass the night with the guides of our bark canoes; and often we even had the great consolation of saying the holy mass in the morning before starting; but this was the only consolation during the whole voyage, which was thirty days for me and thirty-two for Father Poncet, —the most laborious journey possible. Having arrived at the end of this voyage, I found eleven of our Fathers, distributed in three Residences in order to be nearer to important villages, which they desire to instruct and civilize.

Our habitations are of bark, like those of the savages, and without interior partitions, except for the chapel. For want of a table and household utensils, we eat on the ground, and drink from the bark of trees.

Thirst hardly annoys us, —either because we never use salt, or because our food is always very liquid. As for me, since I have been here, I have not drunk in all a glass of water, although it is now eight months since I arrived. Our bed is made with a piece of bark, upon which we put a blanket nearly the kissing of a Florentine piastre.

Respecting sheets, there is no mention of them, even for the sick. But the greatest inconvenience is the smoke, which, for want of a chimney, fills the whole cabin and spoils everything that one would keep.

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When certain winds blow, it is no longer possible to stay therein, because of the [ 17] pain felt by the eyes. In winter, we have no other light by night than that of the cabin fire, which serves us for reciting our breviary, for studying the language, and for everything. By day we use the opening left at the top of the cabin, —which is at once chimney and window. Such is the manner of living in our residence; as for the one that we observe when we go on a mission, Your Reverence must know, to begin with, that although these savages practice among themselves certain rules of hospitality, with us they [] apply them not.

We are, therefore, obliged to carry with us a few little knives, awls, rings, needles, earrings, and such like things, to pay our hosts. We carry furthermore a blanket in the guise of a cloak, which serves to wrap us in at night. The way of announcing the word of God to the savages is not to mount a pulpit and preach in a public square; we must visit each cabin in private, and beside the fire expound, to those who are willing to listen to us, the mysteries of our holy faith.

They have, in fact, no other place of meeting, for transacting their affairs, than the cabin of some one of their captains. I should never have imagined a hardness like that of a savage heart, brought up in infidelity. When they are convinced of the folly of their superstitions and of their fables, and when one has proved to them the truth and the wisdom of the faith, it would be necessary, in order to finish winning them, to gew them that baptism will give them prosperity and long life, —these poor peoples being susceptible only to temporal goods.

That does not result from [ 19] stupidity; they ;laying even more intelligent than our rustics, and there are certain captains whose eloquence we admire, —acquired without talkin precepts of rhetoric.

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The small of faithful ones whom Our Lord has chosen for himself, is a proof of what grace can do in the most barbarous hearts on the earth. I know one who this year, at the moment when the hostilities against religion were most keen, did not fear to make the round, as an apostle, of nearly all the villages. He went into the assemblies and the councils of the captains, when they were transacting some business, and boldly censured their follies.

His hearers then applauded his remarks; but they did not therefore embrace the truth which they acknowledged. This same Savage requested to make a retreat, and he profited by this fes well that the Father, who gave him the meditations, was strangely amazed thereat.

If his spiritual missin be written in playihg French Relation, they may serve as a lesson even to the most pious and to the most fervent religious. He had in his family a niece, attacked by some sickness or other, which at night caused her to utter frightful cries, as if she had seen some spectre. It would be too tedious to relate all the heroic examples of constancy which this Savage and some others of tqdoussac converts, though in smallhave given us.

But this is enough to show Your Reverence that God does not refuse missihg grace, even to the most savage of men, and that these peoples are capable of receiving the doctrine of the Gospel, notwithstanding the very great difficulty of explaining it, on of the poverty of the language; for they have neither vineyards nor flocks, nor towers nor cities, nor salt, nor lamps, nor temples, nor masters of any science or art.

They can neither read nor write, and we have much difficulty in making them understand the parables which are related to these matters in the holy Gospel. It is true that this defect and this poverty of their language has never been a cause.

The jesuit relations and allied documents volume 18

Last winter, there was not a single cabin [] in our thirty-two villages into which the word of God was not carried; but the have been greater for the Church triumphant than for the Church militant. As there prevailed a contagious disease which spared neither age nor sex, all our care was to catechize the sick, in order cuddlingg give them at the end of their life a passport for heaven.

The greatest of those whom this malady carried off, after holy baptism, were the little children. The Savages have held several very crowded assemblies, to consider means for compelling us to [ 23] leave the country. Many captains have voted our death; but not one has dared to become the executioner therein, and hitherto God has preserved us from their attacks. During the whole winter we were expecting every day to learn the death pplaying some one of our missionaries; and each day, while saying the holy mass, we received the communion, as if it were to serve as viaticum.

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Everything ended in a few blows from a club, and in the vexation of seeing the crosses overturned which we had set up, and one of our cabins reduced to ashes. A single one of ours has seen his blood flow, sed non usque ad mortem When we visit these poor people, if they do not arrive in time to cudsling the door [] to our noses, they stop their ears and cover their faces, for fear of being bewitched. All that gives us much hope that one day the faith will flourish in this unhappy land, since the persecutions cuddlign God uses to establish and cultivate it are not wanting for us.

Our new persons

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