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The latter scared him off, but eventually he caught her while asleep Metamorphoses XI. Similar stories are told, e. The devil tried many changes of shape, but Dunstan did not let go until Satan took his own shape.

Freed, the Devil flew off and left Dunstan alone Simpson, pp. Dixon quotes a possible mention of this song from Wedderburn's Complaynt of Scotland : He refers once to a dance of "thom of lyn," and elsewhere to annw "tayl of yong tamlane. Complaynt, p. Hence we cannot prove that either of these is this piece, even if it's the same story.

Lyle catalogs a of parallels to other ball, noting especially pp.

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The points of lyric contact are interesting, but "Tam Lin" is at the heart a ballad of the supernatural, "Lady Jean" an incest ballad. The only fundamental point they have in common is rape. Some ffree of the ballad end with the Queen of Fairie, deprived of Tam Lin, being forced pay another tithe to hell. Lyle, p. The story is that the Elven people carried off unbaptized infants to pay their tithe.

The difficulty with this link is that it implies that Janet could have saved Tam by bringing in a priest to have him baptized, rather than going through the rigamarole anns Hallow's Eve. Nonetheless Wimberly, pp.

Circulating cell-free micrornas as clinical cancer biomarkers in: biomolecular concepts volume 8 issue 2 ()

annne Presumably the transformations continued until Janet could bring Tam to water perhaps a holy well? From that, he would emerge "an utter naked man" -- but also cleansed of the taint of the Queen. This raises interesting questions about the possibility of re-baptism which most sects would deny is possiblebut maybe such analysis is too much to ask of a ballad. There is also the problem that Faerie is normally considered morally neutral, e.

Scott knew a story that Tam Lin continued to have relations with the Queen even after Janet took him away.

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